Cosmos Hills Hydrologic Network
Shishmaref Airport Weather Station
Upper Wesley Creek Repeater

Station Photos
  Note: These images will be available in November 2010. Directions are approximate. North is up, arrow points in camera view.

Arrows with no associated pictures are inactive. Arrows with pictures will "pop" up a new window with each picture you "click". As you continue to "click" more windows open (each separate arrow), be sure to move them around to see each one. They will open behind each other. Use you right mouse button to click on an image to see its file name.

File naming convention: siteID_direction_[to or from].JPG - to or from indicates direction camera is looking relative to weather station site.

Repeater Photo
Cosmos Creek
Additional Site Photos
Site photos coming soon.

Last updated: 6 October 2010
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