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Cosmos Hills Hydrologic Network Station: Kogoluktuk River Repeater - Current Conditions

Kogoluktuk River Repeater
Current Conditions

This station is currently offline and may be experiencing difficulties. Please check back later.
Location: Kogoluktuk River
Coordinates: N 66°57.096', W 156°47.888'
Elevation: 1707 Feet
Conditions at Kogoluktuk River Repeater as of
2017-11-06 08:00:00 AST
Remote Camera Images
KogoRep View
Bearing 28° Northeast (from true north) looking up the Shungnak and Kogoluktuk River drainages in the Brooks Range
Note: Camera images update every hour during daylight in the winter season. Refer to timestamp on current images for time/date information.
Diagnostic Data
Hourly Average
Battery Voltage 12.8 V
Solar Panel Output (Volts) -0.1 V
Panel Temperature 21° F
-6° C
Weather Data
Hourly Average
Air Temperature 22° F
-6° C
No 24 Hour Summary available

Last updated: 2 March 2011
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