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The Cosmos Hills are located directly North of Kobuk and Shungnak, and east of Ambler. The Kobuk River is the primary watershed in the region, with the Ambler River draining into the Kobuk at the village of Ambler. The Koogoluktuk River is an upstream tributary of the Kobuk River, draining into the Kobuk River just upstream of the village of Kobuk. AVEC provided power to Ambler, Shungnak and Kobuk villages through an intertie system. Historically, fuel barges have had limited access to Kobuk due to various shallows in the Kobuk River between Ambler and Kobuk. The Kobuk River flows into the Hotham Inlet and Kotzebue Sound. Click on the above map for a larger version.

Last updated: 12 October 2010
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