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How are water, climate, and energy important to communities in the Kobuk River Watershed?

  • How does the weather impact streams and rivers near Ambler, Shungnak, and Kobuk?
  • Can weather information help you know:
    • When to pick berries?
    • When to go hunting?
    • How to dress for the nearby basketball game?
  • Can stream and river information help you know:
    • When to place your nets out?
    • When a barge can make it up river?
    • Current Ice conditions?
  • How would native knowledge and understanding better help understand local streams and rivers?
  • Will climate change impact local streams and rivers? How can both people and nature adapt?
  • How would hydropower save your school funds?
  • How would hydropower save your community funds?
  • How would hydropower impact you?

Play the below puzzles to learn more both about hydrology, weather, water and the Inupiaq language

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Last updated: 19 October 2011
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